Editor’s Note: It was brought to News 19’s attention after this article was published that Rachel Bolton is not a current City employee and the email cited below was from 2019. This article has been corrected to reflect that change.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — At the Huntsville City Council meeting on Thursday one of the topics of discussion was not on the agenda but has drawn interest from some members. 

People who live in district four say concrete speed barriers, or ‘curb-outs,’ have damaged cars and that the barriers have turned White Street in Huntsville into a one-way traffic hazard. 

Pictures sent to News 19 by resident Andy Lowery show an SUV that hit one of those concrete barriers and caused the vehicle to land in his front yard.

Lowery and the other residents reached out to Huntsville city councilman Bill Kling. Kling then presented to council members the hazardous conditions that the barriers have created and for consideration to remove them or replace them with a safer option.

“It’s a great neighborhood, but to have these barriers out there, it hurts the neighborhood, it cuts out neighborhood parking and if you’re driving a car through that street and in all probability, if you’re not aware of those curb-outs, you’re going to tear up your car,” said Kling.

The residents gave News 19 an email from a previous City traffic engineer Rachel Bolton after she heard the concerns and responded with a letter in 2019, ”We were not able to locate any crash reports involving vehicles running through the curb-outs or sideswipe…we have determined that the curb-outs are functioning as designed and do not pose any safety hazard.”

Kling says that the residents on White Street plan to file a petition and present it at the next city council meeting.