Huntsville residents notice excessive illegal fireworks within city limits this year

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The skies above the Blossomwood neighborhood in Huntsville were quiet Tuesday afternoon. For many of the residents there, it was a welcomed change from the last couple days.

John Price said he heard an abnormally large amount of illegal fireworks within city limits this weekend.

"I don't think I'm alone on that part," he said.

The excessive explosives hit close to home, too. Not only did they upset Price's dogs, but one of his sons is a combat veteran. He doesn't live with Price, but that doesn't mean others afflicted with PTSD weren't in the neighborhood and impacted by the non-stop display.

"I know it affects him some because it does remind him of things, but everybody's got different degrees to PTSD," he said.

Price said he did contact Huntsville Police about the incidents, but that didn't slow the shows.

"The problem that we have is if it didn't actually happen in our presence, we can't make a criminal charge on it," said Lt. Stacy Bates.

Shooting fireworks within Huntsville city limits is a misdemeanor.

"You can face anything from an arrest citation to an actual physical arrest and we can also seize the fireworks and they'll actually be destroyed if you're caught shooting them within city limits," he added.

Lt. Bates said his department did see an increase in calls during the holiday weekend.

"It happens so often that we just can't get everywhere and we have, on nights like that, our call volume goes up so much because not only do you have that, you have parties going on at people's houses in various locations around the city, you have alcohol involved things,  we may have domestics going on, other fights going on and a lot of crimes in progress that have to take priority over fireworks calls," he said.

Huntsville Police also responded to people shooting fireworks from the roof of Greengate School.

Price said this is more than just an issue of the law, though, he said it is just inconsiderate, noting that city residents should find a new way to honor our service men and women.

"It's not a way to respect them," he said.