Huntsville Republican & Democratic reaction to Governor Kay Ivey’s first 48 hours


Kay Ivey is sworn in as Alabama’s 54th Governor. (April 10, 2017)

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Governor Kay Ivey has been in office for two days and went right to work on her first day as Alabama’s new governor. Local Republicans and Democrats are speaking out about her qualifications and time on the job so far.

“She’s well versed with Montgomery,” said Madison County Republican Chairman Sam Givhan. “She knows the players and she will hit the ground running, I’m convinced of that.”

On the other side, Madison County Democratic Chair Tom Ryan said he hopes she brings positive change.

“Governor Ivey has a lot to prove and she really needs to move the state forward,” said Ryan.

On both sides of the political aisle, many are glad the dark cloud that surrounded former Governor Robert Bentley is gone.

With less than three days in office for Ivey, it didn’t take long for the state house to send its first piece of legislation up the chain for signature.  Gov. Ivey signed a bill that changes judicial override in our state, concerning people who are sentenced to the death penalty.

For Ryan, he hopes Ivey can bring some good to the state, but he thinks there needs to be change in 2018.

“Frankly, the Republicans have blown it,” said Ryan. “They have run the state into a ditch — fiscally, financially, politically, morally.”

Givhan was more optimistic.

“Governor Ivey has been involved in the state of Alabama serving for decades and in today’s world that can be a plus or that can be a minus, but as far as on-the-job training, as far as that goes, she’s in a much better position than most,” said Givhan.

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