Huntsville Principals Prepare to Distribute Student Laptops

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The school bell is about to ring for students across the Tennessee Valley.  Students in Huntsville will head back to class on Monday, August 19.

This will be the second year for students to get district-issued laptops.

Many parents would likely describe last year's distribution of those laptops as problematic. This year, district leaders are taking a new approach in hopes of making the process go more smoothly.

School administrators believe spreading out distribution dates over several days will make the process easier for parents and school employees. But, that's not the only change.

More than half of the district's 23,000 students were tapped to get laptops last year.  It didn't take an 'A+ student' to figure out there would be a problem, though.

"Probably, just doing it for the first time," said Dr. Barbara Cooper.

Dr. Cooper is Huntsville's Deputy Superintendent of Schools, and one of many school leaders who dealt with the backup of last year's laptop distribution. She says this year will be different.

"We don't have the same distribution concerns we had last year when we were doing this for the first time," added Dr. Cooper.

This year, Dr. Cooper says staff at the school district's central office are delivering the laptops to individual schools.

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Principals at those schools will give the laptops to parents.

"They're familiar with the schools. The school knows who the kids are and are able to get those computers out into the hands of the students," added Dr. Cooper.

Principals are expected to issue 16,000 laptops.  They should get them soon, and parents should be able to get the computers the week of August 12-16.

Parents should start getting phone calls from schools about pickup dates, if they haven't already.