Huntsville police searching for ‘pigeon drop’ scammers


Photo provided by Huntsville Police Department

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville police are looking for a woman who scammed an elderly victim out of thousands of dollars.

Police released a photo Thursday afternoon of a woman who they said was part of a two-person scam team that used a “pigeon drop” scam to gain the victim’s trust.

According to police, one of the scammers approached the victim in a parking lot, showed the victim a bag of cash and said they had inherited a lot of money. The scammer then asked for a ride.

Police said the scammer met with a partner who acted as a stranger, and both the “stranger” and the victim agreed that the scammer should open a bank account for the inheritance.

The scammers then talked the victim into withdrawing money at the victim’s bank and then claimed they were putting the money in the bag with the inheritance, with the intent of opening a new account at another bank. They placed the bag in the victim’s trunk and indicated they would come get it later, according to police.

When the victim later looked in the bag, they discovered there was nothing in it but newspapers, police said. The scammers took $3,000 from the victim, they said.

Anyone who recognizes the woman in the photo is asked to contact the Huntsville Police Department at 256-883-3721.