HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Huntsville police officer has been awarded a lifesaving medal for his role in tending to a shooting victim in February.

In February, officers responded to shooting call at a hotel on North Memorial Parkway. Taylor Grenier was one of those officers who responded and took immediate action.

Officer Grenier tended to the victim who had been shot by applying a tourniquet to the victim’s right leg and applying pressure to stop the bleeding until HEMSI could arrive, according to the Huntsville Police Department (HPD).

The victim was taken to the hospital and survived the shooting. According to HPD, a HEMSI supervisor and emergency room staff said Grenier’s efforts saved the victim’s life.

“Thank you, Officer Grenier, for demonstrating the high quality of work, dedication and professionalism we work to always provide for our community,” said HPD.

Grenier was awarded the livesaving medal at a cermony with Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and HPD Chief Kirk Giles.