HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Huntsville Police Department held its final meet and greet on Wednesday as they continued to actively recruit a few good men and woman to join the police force of a rapidly growing city.

Keshawn Marsh of Pulaski told News 19 that he attended the event because he says that he always wanted to become a police officer.  

“I was always around police officers my entire life. I’m actually the first generation of my family to be in law enforcement. So, it’s new and something different I guess you could say,” said Marsh.  

After graduating high school Keshawn immediately began working at a home for at-risk youth and spent a few years as a corrections officer at Limestone Correctional Facility which he says helped paved the way to be here as a candidate. 

“I’ve gotten a lot of flack for being in law enforcement but I feel like that it’s my decision and I’m actually making a positive change instead of a negative,” Marsh explained.

Marsh is one of a few hopeful recruits to show up to the event. But his passion is exactly what the Huntsville police department recruiters are looking for. 

Every police department in the country is facing a severe crisis with people wanting to be police officers.

Paul Nordan, Huntsville Police Department Recruiting Officer, understands that the same can be said for Huntsville.

“We’re recruiting like wildfire right now. Because of the growth of the city, we are spreading out in all directions. The department has got to keep up with that growth so we’re recruiting like crazy right now,” said Nordan. “Nationwide, we’ve seen a decline in it but again we are just looking for motivated individuals.” 

In this latest push, the Huntsville Police Department has received over 200 applicants since the month of June. Keshawn Marsh is hopeful to be one of the names called when the recruitment season ends.

“I’d rather be helping our community instead of showing up our own people,” said Marsh.

The application deadline is September 30.

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