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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – One man is dead and one person is in police custody following a shooting and a fire at a home on East Tucker Drive. It’s just southwest of the intersection of Mastin Lake Road and Pulaski Pike.

“The person we have in custody called and started this whole sequence of events,” Lt. Stacy Bates said.

Police have confirmed they found a person inside the home who had been shot to death. Officers found the body based on a tip from a man they arrested several blocks away.

“Officers received a call from someone saying that they had just shot someone,” Lt. Bates said. “Of course he was upset, as anyone would be, making that kind of accusations.”

That man called police around 5:15 this morning threatening to harm himself or officers. It took officers roughly 15 minutes to get the man to turn himself in. This happened behind the Blue Spring Village Shopping Center at the corner of Mastin Lake and Blue Spring Roads.

“After some follow up investigation at the scene determined that there was possibly a gun shot victim on East Tucker Drive,” Lt. Bates said.

Officers arrived to find smoke coming from the home. They also found a male victim with one gunshot wound. He was dead.

Huntsville Police investigators do feel as though they have the person responsible for the shooting in custody.They expect to make an arrest this afternoon.