HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — New officers and pay raises are on their way for the Huntsville Police Department.

HPD plans to add a minimum of 24 officers next year, and it comes with more incentives for people to join. Those additional positions come with a pay increase that went into effect on Monday.

Police officers were expected to start at $51,000 per year, but will now make $55,000. After graduating from the police academy and completing field training, they get an additional pay raise to just under $61,000.

One recruitment officer told News 19 they’re growing with the city.

“Naturally, as the community grows the public safety aspect has to grow as well,” said Paul Nordan with the Huntsville Police Department. “We are recruiting like wildfire right now if we can recruit 40 or 50.”

“We want to make sure that we getting qualified candidates that were getting candidates that have a true heart for service that really want to serve the citizens of Huntsville,” Nordan continued.

Enrollment is now open for HPD’s August 2023 academy. The process takes around five months.