HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — All seven of the Huntsville Police Department’s (HPD) K9s not only received their regional certifications in a recent event – but were also awarded in several different categories.

The HPD hosted the 2022 Region 22 United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Patrol Dog One and Narcotic Certification Trials last week, with dogs from Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia competing while earning their certifications.

HPD Officer Tyler Edwards and K9 “Bear” earned Overall Top Dog Award, along with winning 1st place in narcotic scent detection. HPD Officer Adam Judy and K9 “Smoke” won 3rd.

In the “Evidence Search” competition, HPD Officer Jeremiah Higgins and K9 “Enzo” took 1st place, while HPD Officer Brett Collum and K9 “Jaeger” placed 3rd.

In “Obedience,” Officer Collum and Jaeger won 1st place.

Officer Judy and K9 Smoke took 1st place in “Subject Search,” while HPD Officer Joshua Smith and K9 “Rogue” won 2nd in the “Agility” competition.

Finally, HPD Officer Jordan Gober and K9 “Kane” placed 3rd in the “Criminal Apprehension” category.

For more information on the competition and certification of the K9’s in our region, visit their Facebook page here.