Huntsville Police complete IHOP shooting investigation; people push for more answers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – It has been just over a week since a shooting at a Huntsville IHOP left two men dead and one injured. Police have completed their investigation.

Investigators said a customer, Roderick Turner, grew angry and opened fire at the restaurant, shooting employee Roy Brown Sr. and his son, who also works at IHOP. Police say Brown’s son then pulled out a gun and shot Turner. Turner and the elder Brown both died from their injuries.

WHNT News 19  is continuing to look into the shooting after a number of our viewers raised questions about what happened that night.

There are still details about what happened that police have not yet released to the public. Friends and family of Roderick Turner say they believe there might be more to this story.

Police say they have completed their investigation into the shooting at IHOP on South Memorial Parkway.

“We have used all investigative material possible to reach our conclusion that this was an act of self-defense,” Lt. Michael Johnson said.

He says it was the physical evidence and interviews with people who were at the restaurant that pointed that them to this conclusion.

“The overwhelming majority of witnesses in this case, including the surviving victim, all of their statements including the physical at the scene, mirror one another. So, we feel that we have drawn the same investigative conclusion,” said Johnson.

But there are people who want more information. Friends and family of Roderick Turner say they wish the investigation was more in-depth.

“They did a brief investigation their investigation wasn’t long enough,” Turner’s friend, Kingsley Onyebinachi said.

A number of people who knew Roderick Turner, and others concerned about the incident, have taken to social media. Police say they have seen some of those posts.

“We’re not going to make any comment positive or negative towards that, but we’re very aware of that and that was part of the investigation,” Johnson said.

The case is being turned over to a grand jury.

“The criminal justice process is not done. There are checks and balances, that second step. And that second step, that checks and balance, is the grand jury. We’re going to take all that investigative material, testimonial statements, handwritten statements, physical evidence, and some crime scene information and it’s going to be passed on to the grand jury.”

Police say they don’t want to taint the jury pool. So they aren’t releasing more details about what occurred at IHOP until after the grand jury hears this case.

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