Huntsville OKs more money for animal shelter expansion


Huntsville Animal Services shelter on Triana Blvd is about to expand.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville’s animal shelter is about to get bigger. On Thursday evening, city leaders agreed to give $28,000 to help expand the center.

The money will pay for the expansion of the kennels, but the shelter’s director says they want to use it to give more space to the dogs they have now.

The city has hired Hay Buchanan Architects to design the renovation at Huntsville Animal Services on Triana Boulevard. The $28,000 will pay for a new ventilation system and expanding nearly 50 kennels where they house and care for the dogs.

Shelter director Karen Sheppard says the added space will give the dogs double-sided kennels, giving them more room to move around.

“We’ve learned that their stress level is reduced dramatically, and they have a better sense of well-being if they’re housed appropriately,” Dr. Sheppard said.
Sheppard says their maximum capacity is a little under 100 dogs and around 50 cats.

Sheppard expects some of the work could begin this fall. Their goal is to finish the expansion by 2020.



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