Huntsville neighbors concerned about snake sightings

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – People in a Huntsville neighborhood are concerned because they say some unwanted guests are slithering in. But animal experts say after looking at the snakes, the families don’t need to worry.

Parents and kids in Lincoln Park are cringing at the sight of some lounging snakes.

“Tuesday, we counted about 15 of them. I’ve never seen that many before,” Joyce Eason said.

For the past week, more snakes have been showing up in the creek that runs through the neighborhood.

“A lot of the snakes that have been hibernating all winter are coming out now and they’re hungry,” Huntsville Animal Services director Karen Sheppard said.

WHNT News 19 sent a picture of the snakes to the Alabama Herpetological Society. They say the snakes in Pinhook Creek are midland water snakes, which are non-venomous. They also say this group was a breeding group, which means these neighbors may be seeing more of them soon.

“Leave them alone, let them be. They’ve been living here a really long time, they’re doing very well,” Sheppard said.

“As long as they’re not poisonous. That’s what I was worried about. I didn’t want somebody to get bit and get sick from it,” Eason said.

As summer approaches, the kids, like wildlife are more active. And many parents are telling kids to stay away from the serpents.

“Go run and tell an adult,” 3rd grader Travis Mosley said.

Alabama is home to six venomous snakes: coral snakes, water moccasins, copperheads, and pygmy, eastern diamondback and timber rattlesnakes.

You can read more about local snakes here.

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