Huntsville needs veterans to fill jobs


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – As Huntsville grows, so does the number of jobs and many veterans are using the skills they gained in the military in their transition to civilian jobs.

Peggy Lee Wright has embarked on many missions in life.

“When you’re in the military you’re thrown together in a unit. It doesn’t matter what your race is, what your religion is, where you came from, what part of the country, if you’re rich or poor, you’re put together because you’re going to complete a mission.”

During her time as a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot in the Army,  Wright has called countless places home, but Huntsville was different.

“My husband and I looked at each other and said this is a great place to raise a family, this is a great place for our children and this is where we are going to stay,” said Wright.

So they stayed in the rocket city, joining many others who transition into civilian life and raise families

“When you come out of the military and you have that mindset that we’re going to do whatever right for the organization that we work for everything else is secondary,” said Wright.

“They are so sought after with companies because they already have that internal knowledge,”

Skills that helped Wright build a business of her own.

“I really feel that without having that background in the military there’s no way that I could have stepped out.”

Katelyn Baker from the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce is working with military bases across the country, to inform them about the opportunity and need to hire veterans here in Huntsville.

“These veterans have been in service so they’re going to show up on time, they have their clearance and the have the background and skills that they’ve proven they can do,” said Baker.

As Wright continues to grow her business, she plans to do what many companies here already do – hire veterans.

“Not just because the skill set they possess but the mindset they possess,” said Wright.

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