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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Viewers throughout the state have reached out to News 19 for an update on the theft of a valuable baseball card collection that a Huntsville man collected in honor of his dad.   

Juakee Moore started collecting baseball cards over forty years ago for his father Horace who played in the Negro Baseball League.  

That collection was stolen from his home.  

Pamela Farmer a sketch artist from Decatur, says her family is avid baseball fans. When she viewed the story of the theft of a valuable baseball card collection, she said it felt like a family member had lost everything that they worked hard for. 

“It just broke my heart and I thought that I’m going to go through my pictures,” said Farmer. 

Those pictures included sketches of baseball greats and drawings of civil rights figures that she donated to many organizations. Feeling heartbroken about the theft, Farmer handed the sketches to Moore as a show of kindness. 

“When I see there’s something that I could do something about as far as my art is concerned like with the schools and something along Juakee’s line it just touches my heart and I just feel that the lord gave me this talent to do something like that,” Farmer told News 19.  

“Those are beautiful, such beautiful paintings and sketches. I just am thankful that someone would do anything for me,” Moore continued.  

It’s a small yet thoughtful consolation for Juakee Moore, who started his collection at the age of 12 and wanted to save the collection in honor of his dad, who never made it to the big leagues but taught him the value of life and the collection honors his dad’s plight. The collection of sports trading cards that have begun to show up on the open market. 

“These cards were really special to me and for me as a child to be able to save them and to see them being auctioned off is alarming to me,” he stated. “The Mickey Mantles, the Hank Aarons, the Jackie Robinsons, the Babe Ruth’s. The list can go on and I know that those cards are mine.”

Moore owned a mint-conditioned Mickey Mantle rookie baseball card he received from his cousin in Ohio when he was 13 years old. On August 28, a Mantle rookie card sold for a record 12.6 million dollars by Heritage Auctions.  

The theft continues to be under investigation.