Huntsville man nervous about backyard bugs

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A man in north Huntsville says some bad bugs in his backyard won’t buzz off and he doesn’t know what to do about it.

“About a month ago is when it started,” David Jones said. “So, we didn’t think too much about it. We just kept cutting the grass.”

But Jones says he’s too nervous to mow now that some big bugs are showing up in his backyard.

“If I can’t come out my back porch, something’s wrong,” Jones said.

At first, Jones wasn’t sure if they were bees, wasps or hornets. WHNT News 19 asked Cook’s Pest Control who say what Jones has are cicada killer wasps.

“They told us, please don’t get stung by them,” Jones said.

Jones says he complained to his landlord about the problem. He also contacted Cook’s Pest Control, who gave him an estimate of $250 to spray for the troublesome insects. He says, so far, his landlord has been reluctant to do that. And he’s not sure what else to do to get rid of them.

“My landlord said she can’t help us. Because she doesn’t know what to do,” Jones said.

The good news for Jones is cicada killers are solitary bugs. They dig in the ground and feed cicadas to their young, but thankfully aren’t aggressive toward people.

“All we want to do is try to get them sprayed and get it over with,” Jones said.

Pest control experts say cicada killers hang around until all of the cicadas are gone. After that, they either move on or go dormant. Nobody in his family has been stung, but Jones says he’s not eager to go back there until the buzzing bugs go away.

WHNT News 19 called Jones’ landlord on Monday and left a message. So far, we haven’t heard back from her. Pest control experts say unless you’re allergic to the venom, cicada killers aren’t a threat to you.