HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Huntsville man convicted of capital murder in 1996 will have a chance at parole, according to the Alabama Bureau of Pardons & Paroles (ABPP).

The now 44-year-old Charles Earl Bone, Jr. was charged and indicted in the 1994 shooting death of another minor in Huntsville while the victim was in a vehicle. He was eventually found guilty of the lesser charge of murder on June 14, 1996.

Charles Earl Bone, Jr. (Alabama Dept. of Corrections)

Bone was sentenced to life in prison. He attempted to appeal the conviction in 1997, but was unsuccessful.

According to court documents, Bone and three other teens were driving through the Rolling Hills School area while smoking marijuana. Bone was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Another vehicle drove past the car Bone was in, and allegedly started throwing gang signs in the rear window. Reports at the time stated that Bone and those with him were allegedly members of the FOLK gang, also known as the “Disciples,” while the victim and those in the opposite car were allegedly members of the Bloods gang.

The vehicle Bone was in followed the victim’s car until they came to a stop, which is when, according to reports, everyone in the victim’s car got out and started walking toward Bone’s car, signaling for them to get out.

According to court records, the driver of Bone’s vehicle turned the car around and drove in the other direction. Witnesses in Bone’s vehicle would later testify that they believed the people in the other car probably had guns, though none were seen.

The victim’s car started following Bone’s, while passengers in the victim’s vehicle continued to “throw signs,” reports say.

Witnesses from the victim’s vehicle would testify that someone from Bone’s car (later identified in court as Bone) rolled down their window and fired a shot into the victim’s car, shooting them in the head.

During their testimony, witnesses from Bone’s vehicle said they heard three gunshots and saw Bone, who had been leaning out the window with the gun in his hand, come back inside the car. However, those witnesses said they hadn’t realized at the time that anyone had been shot.

Bone would testify that he heard shots, but didn’t fire the gun and didn’t know who did.

According to the State’s ballistic expert, the gun found in Bone’s car was the one that fired the shot that killed the victim.

Following his conviction, Bone was sentenced to life in prison.

As of late October 2022, he has served just over 26 years of his sentence. He is currently incarcerated at the Fountain Correctional Facility.