Huntsville-Madison Co. EMA officials stress importance of ‘flood preparedness’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The flooding in Texas and Oklahoma may seem far away, but Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Officer Scott Worsham says the EMA  office is using the disaster as a chance to review plans for our county and ensure we’re prepared should flooding head our way.

“We’re watching out and monitoring for potential flooding,” said Worsham.

Some of the plans the Huntsville-Madison County EMA already has in place for flooding include barricades and flood shelters.  Worsham says preparation is the key to keeping your family safe too.

“Now is the time to identify those areas you would go to if there were a flooding situation.  You want to have a disaster supply kit,” said Worsham.

Worsham wants to remind residents about the grave dangers moving water can bring.

“We’ve actually in Alabama have had children who’ve been swept off their feet and down drains around fast moving water,” said Worsham.

While you prepare a flood plan — don’t forget to get to safety… safely.

“In flash flooding situations, where water quickly covers the roadway, know more than one way home so you can turn around and go a different way that’s not flooded.  Remember, turn around, don’t drown,” said Worsham.