Huntsville is prepared for future flooding with long-term plan

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Hundreds of miles away, thousands of people are dealing with deadly flooding due to Hurricane Harvey.

The extreme amount of flooding is something that city planners say will probably never happen in the Rocket City.

Huntsville's Urban Development Director Shane Davis said what separates Huntsville from parts of Texas, is our location. We are hundreds of feet above sea level.

"The thing is that all coastal cities deal with; places like the Corpus Christi, the Houston areas, and New Orleans,  is that most of their cities lie in a flood plain," Davis explained.

He said that locally, only certain areas are located in flood plains. Davis said flooding has happened in years past because of extreme rainfall, but with the help of technology they are better prepared for what's to come.

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Davis said that since 1990, the city has been putting money away to help better improve the drainage system throughout Huntsville. The city has a Flood Mitigation Planning Committee that meets to discuss improving systems.

"You try to be the best prepared for those 10-year, 25-year, 100-year storm events, and have a system that can handle those. But when you get above a 100-year event coming to any city in America, those are natural disasters. You start focusing on people and not property," Davis explained.

He said every time it floods, they learn from their mistakes and try to fix the problems that arise. The city has all of their information on flooding on their website. To see the city's flood mitigation plan; click here.