Huntsville is getting a road makeover

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The city of Huntsville is preparing to tackle approximately 50 new road projects.

These projects will repair potholes, resurface roads, and improve the travel experience for drivers in Huntsville. The projects are expected to be finished within a two year period.

The list of road projects stretches across Huntsville, starting at the Northern Bypass and Parkway overpass at Mastin Lake Drive to Research Park Boulevard, Old Highway 20, and Zeirdt Road, to Church Street downtown, Cecil Ashburn Drive, and Haysland Road.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle held a meeting Thursday to talk about the city’s plans for the numerous potholes.

“Huntsville is a City on the move, and it is critical we keep up with our infrastructure,” said Mayor Tommy Battle. “By investing heavily and strategically in expanding and improving our road network, we’ve been able to attract new industry and residents.”

I. Restore our Road Projects (8 major transportation projects in partnership with ALDOT)

  • 2 are completed (US72 East and South Parkway) totaling $70M
  • 4 more are anticipated to begin construction this year*
  • Cecil Ashburn
  • Huntsville Northern Bypass (MLK extensions between Pulaski Pike and North Parkway)
  • SR 255 (Research Park Boulevard)
  • North Parkway at Mastin Lake

55 improved lane miles totaling $110M on these major Restore our Road corridors; construction anticipated to begin this year.

II. Local major transportation projects currently under construction utilizing regional MPO funds (partial list)*

  • Martin Road Phase I began construction in mid 2018 – mid 2020
  • Martin Road Phase II anticipated to begin construction mid year.
  • Final phase of Zierdt Road began construction November 2018 -Mid 2021
  • Church Street Phase I between Pratt and Monroe began in October 2018 – Late 2020.

30 lane miles totaling $65M in new roadway improvements

III. Other local roadway projects that are currently under construction or are anticipated to begin construction this year*

  • Haysland Road Phase II
  • Lowery Boulevard
  • Greenbrier Parkway Extension
  • Old Hwy 20 Improvement
  • Hwy 431 – Turn Lanes/Median Improvements
  • Governors Drive/Triana Blvd – Access Management
  • Governors House – Lane Modifications w/ Bike Lanes
  • Multiple Intersection Improvements/ Signal Timing Optimization
  • Pratt Avenue/Five Points – Lane Modification, Parking, & Streetscape

75 lane miles totaling $100M in new roadway improvements

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