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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The winter storm moving across parts of the country is leaving some stranded and unable to get to their destination.

The weather is particularly impacting air travel, but Huntsville International Airport says they have no plans to close their runways.

“Our operations team immediately upon hearing from the national weather service that there is the potential threat of severe weather whether it be tornado winter weather, what have you… Starts a plan of action,” says Huntsville International Airport Public Relations Manager, Jana Steen.

In their snow and ice prevention plan, the airport will do whatever it takes to make sure ice doesn’t freeze on runways.

“What they will do is go out with liquid deicer and solid deicer solutions and they will start to immediately apply those at the airport,” says Steen.

Regardless if there are flights that are taking off or leaving from Huntsville international, Jana Steen says there could be flights that are diverted to Huntsville.

“Those would come in the form of planes that have an original destination elsewhere and they cant get to those destinations. Sometimes the FAA will divert those over to Huntsville because we have the second longest runway in the southeast and because we have those measures in place to keep a runway open,” says Steen.

Steen says if someone is unable to get back to Huntsville through air travel there’s an explanation.

“Your flight may be cancelled but it may have nothing to do with the city you’re going to or even Huntsville. It may be that that plane was stuck somewhere else at an airport where there was a more significant weather event,” says Steen.

Steen says even with winter weather conditions in North Alabama, Huntsville international has no plans to close runways.

“Its been a very long time since we have had to shut a runway down. Years and years we have measures in place that allow us to keep those runways clear,” says Steen.

Huntsville International Airport says they haven’t had to close their runways in years.