Huntsville hosts Twinless Twins International Conference

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — This weekend Huntsville is host to the Twinless Twins Support Group International Conference, where only twins who have lost their true other half, their twin, participate each year.

The twins who attend all agree on one thing: “Once a twin, always a twin.”

“I felt like I was always part of a we, and I was having to learn to be just me,” said Lea Eriksen, twin to Eve.

Twinless Twins travel internationally to the Twinless Twins conference once a year. It’s a space to remember, heal, share, and understand.

“There is no where on this earth, anywhere, where you are going to be understood and accepted as you are when you’re with other twinless twins,” said Margaret Daffin, twin to Josie.

Twins that participate say no one other than someone like them can understand the pain of losing someone you truly came into the world with.

“The twin bond is different from any other bond that humans can form, because it’s formed in utero, we are connected on a cellular level,” said Jan Konya-Grabill, twin to Hal.

A common emotion found at the conference is how a twinless twin struggles to know who they are as an individual, without their twin.

“When Hal died my first thought was ‘I don’t know who I am,’ it was just a totally panic,” Konya-Grabill said. “Total panic. I don’t know who I am, and am I still a twin?”

“It’s a struggle that twins who’ve lost twins have to face every day, and only twins who’ve lost twins get that,” Eriksen siad.

At this conference twinless twins grieve, smile, celebrate, and share together—- proving that even non-related twins have a special bond.

Twins who attend the conference may have lost their twin in-utero, or after a full life together. All ages attend. This year the conference is hosted at the Element Hotel at the Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsville.


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