HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Huntsville Hospital Foundation will get a big check for its Huntsville emergency room.

The hospital calls its emergency room its “surge room” for its ER patients. It has small dividers and other materials that they say don’t fit its purpose. But $50,000 in funding from the Madison County Commission will soon change that.

This is a great need for our community, for the patients that are entering into the emergency department for our hospital,” said Stacy Langford, the hospital’s director of emergency care. “Patient through-put is important. We want to provide timely treatment for patients that are in our waiting area. So having a surge space and then being able to provide privacy is a big need.”

Langford said two surge rooms fitting 12 non-COVID patients see thousands each year – all needing fast care – but a lack privacy or separated space.

“We’ve needed a place to treat patients who were not always traditional,” Langford continued. “We have a surge area. And just one of the needs to protect patients’ dignities, their privacy while they are receiving treatments.”

One key solution the hospital believes are these “pro-grade” screens from Kwick Screens that set up in seconds.

“Instead of it being partial, you can still see if a patient were on this side,” said Langford. “You could walk by and still see them. But this will come in and like have them in a cubicle space. So it’s a makeshift treatment room.”

Madison County commissioners agreed to fit the bill, $50,000 that Langford said makes these nurses’ jobs and non-trauma ER patients’ experiences a lot easier.

“Just trying to find creative ways to get patients out of our waiting room into a treatment space,” Langford concluded.

Huntsville Hospital said all necessary supplies should be delivered and set up for the ER within the next few weeks.