Huntsville Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination allotment cut drastically


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville Hospital says they are having to stop scheduling new appointments until mid-March because their COVID-19 vaccination allotment has been cut by more than half.

A release sent on Friday said that the clinic will only receive enough vaccine for 1,000 new doses per week. Which, it says, is less than half of the previous allocation for Huntsville Hospital. The hospital said vaccines shipped from the state to area hospitals have been reduced. A reason wasn’t given.

The release said the vaccine supply will be adequate to meet existing commitments, but the hospital will stop scheduling any new appointments until the week of March 22.

Anyone who already has an appointment for a booster dose or primary dose should still go to John Hunt Park at their scheduled time unless contacted by the hospital. However, the thousands of people on the waiting list will not receive a scheduling phone call for at least two weeks. There are more than 45,000 people on that waiting list, according to Huntsville Hospital.

The hospital will continue its efforts to vaccinate as many people as possible, but hospital leaders suggest everyone explore every avenue available to get the vaccine. You can check the Alabama Department of Public Health website for information on who has been approved for administering vaccines in your area.

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