Huntsville Hospital confirms employee tests positive for COVID-19


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville Hospital employee is quarantined at home after testing positive for COVID-19, a hospital spokesman said Monday.

The spokesman did not say where the person worked at the hospital.

Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers addressed the issue following Monday’s COVID-19 briefing at Huntsville City Hall.

“I think we’ve had one staff member test positive, we’ve quarantined close to 15 to make sure to test them and find out if they were positive,” he said. “Any time a staff member tests positive or even is quarantined and potentially to potentially be positive, we track back everybody that the employee has come in contact with and make sure that they get monitored as well. It’s a very structured process to that to make sure we protect our employees and pour patients.” 

Spillers also addressed the effect of having 15 or so employees in quarantine. He said they currently have fewer patients than is normal.

“Our census is down from normal so we have a staffing pool who are looking for available hours right now, he said. “So, on a typical day Huntsville might have 700 patients. Today we’ve probably got closer at Huntsville main to 550 patients. We would use our flexible staffing to get people to fill those roles. We have not had to take employees that would have previously worked (not directly in patient care) and move them into patient care areas. That could happen if we get a lot of in-patients but at this point we haven’t had to do that.”

State numbers showed 921 confirmed cases in Alabama Monday afternoon, including 91 confirmed cases in Madison County.

The United States showed 140,904 total cases on Monday afternoon.

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