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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – In roughly one week, more than 400 students will graduate from Huntsville High School – and one dog.

Buck Guy has walked the halls of the school for the last four years alongside his owner Madison Guy.

“He’s basically been just like a student,” she said.

Buck is so much a part of the student body that the yearbook staff made sure to include a senior quote with his yearbook picture.

“It was ‘Woof,'” said Madison.

Buck is Madison’s first service dog. She has suffered from seizures since birth, averaging four to five a month.

Early in her freshman year, though, she and her family traveled to Montgomery to meet with “Service Dogs Alabama.” The group rescues dogs from shelters and then inmates train them to become service dogs.

“He will be in my room or wherever I am and he will go get my parents if I feel a seizure coming on,” said Madison.

It is a 24-7 job for Buck, never leaving Madison’s side whether at home or at school, always on the ready to seek help if she has a seizure.

“It’s amazing what he can do,” she said. “It sure has been some bumpy roads, as far as my seizures go, and it sure has been fun having him around and he gets a lot of attention.”

After four years together at Huntsville High, the two seniors will now get ready to embark on a new journey, though, they can do so side-by-side.

“He means the world to me because I know that I’m safe wherever I go,” she said.

Buck and Madison will walk together across the stage at graduation on May 27. Buck will also be fitted for a cap and gown for the ceremony, but she said he likely won’t wear the cap.