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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Close-contact businesses have been out of work for nearly two months. Now they can resume services on Monday. But one Huntsville hair stylist has other plans, and she’s been crafting her plan since the original stay-at-home order.

She walked into entrepreneurship in quarantine

For Kala Brothers it was now or never. She was already a professional hair stylist by trade, but she never imagined owning her own business in a time like this.

Hair and nail salons, lash studios, and gyms can finally reopen. Governor Ivey unexpectedly announced Friday morning that more businesses can resume business starting Monday.

Now stylists like Kala Brothers can get back to doing hair.

“In her first press conference, she had said at least May 15,” said Kala. “I was like, I will have my salon ready by that point so I’m just going to open up May 16.”

Get your press and curl on!

Kala’s hair styling business — La’Bella Artistry — is located inside Salons by JC, right off Memorial Parkway in Huntsville.

When businesses were forced to close, Kala was waiting, planning, and designing her own hair studio. She said, “some good things are coming out of quarantine.” But that thing is Kala’s first venture into entrepreneurship as a hairstylist.

“I worked at a salon for this past year and that’s where I was working once all salons got closed.” She and her husband moved to Huntsville back in February.

It was during the time away from clients that Kala decided to leave her previous salon and uncurl her life-long dream.

Dreams come true

“I took the unknowing as time for me to prep and get ready for this, because people are going to be needing their hair done, and for some people it’s been months,” said Kala. And for her — it’s been weeks getting ready for opening day.

“It’s really cool to be able to go back later down the road and say I opened my business during the coronavirus outbreak,” said Kala.

Some good things do come out of quarantine.

Starting May 16, La’Bella Artistry will offer a 40% discount for all healthcare and essential workers for the first two weeks. See details below.