HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The City of Huntsville’s greenway is making extensions in the community.

The new ‘Meek Greenway’ segment will run 1.65 miles and will be 12 feet wide, running from the Alabama A&M campus to Sparkman Drive on Highway 72 East. It will include a raised pedestrian crossing at Mastin Lake Road and parking.

A ceremony was held Tuesday to recognize Opal Meek, an advocate and active member of the council of neighborhood associations, who the greenway near A&M will be named after and provide a project update.

“North Huntsville doesn’t have any greenways, South Huntsville has greenways, if we don’t have any greenways how are we going to connect?” said Meek. “We’ve got to get our greenways going. We need our greenways desperately.”

The community says Meek has worked tirelessly in her campaign for quality conditions in her neighborhood near A&M, and that is why they are happy to name the Greenway in her honor.

“Every neighborhood needs an Opal Meek,” said Devyn Keith, District 1 City Council Member. “Opal knows her neighbors and understands their issues. She’s the first to show up when someone requires a helping hand and the first to show up when someone needs a stern reminder. It is fitting that this greenway, connecting people and places, will be named in her honor as a visible legacy for future generations.”

Meek is on a first-name basis with many Huntsville leaders as a result of her advocating. “Meek is polite, collaborative and tireless in her efforts to campaign for quality conditions in her neighborhood near A&M,” the City of Huntsville said.

The greenway named in her honor is designed to function like other urban greenways as a safe transportation alternative and act as a connection between the bridge in North Huntsville neighborhoods to the city’s greenway network.

According to the City of Huntsville, there are already 42 miles of active greenway across the city with 9 more miles being actively developed. There are over 38 miles of proposed greenways in the city’s capital budget.

The Meek Greenway will provide a ‘key bridge’ for a future greenway link to downtown, the City of Huntsville said. It’s reportedly the city’s long-term goal to create a 264-mile greenway network through Huntsville.