Huntsville Ghost Walks returns for another chilling season

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- It may not feel like fall quite yet, but the spooky season is upon us! This year marks the 10th year of the Huntsville Ghost Walk, where the ghosts of Huntsville's haunted past reveal their stories of happiness and sorrow through entertaining and informed tour guides.

Every weekend in September and October, you can experience the spirits of Huntsville for yourself and learn where and why they're still lingering.

"We're not trying to convince you that ghosts are real...although, they are," said Jacque Reeves with the Huntsville Ghost Walk.

The stories are what make the ghost walk tours entertaining, but they're more than just tales and hearsay.

"We have done extensive research on the stories that we tell you on the ghost walk," Reeves said. "We worked with mediums to actually connect with the ghosts. Don't be mistaken, we're not conjuring people from the dead, we're enhancing the historical research that we've done."

On the tour, you learn who these spirits are, why they're here, and what their message is. But even more than the spirits, these tours connect the history of the Huntsville's past with the present.

"When we got to this location a medium picked up that there was a smell of cordite...that is a byproduct of gunpowder," Reeves explained.

Through research, it was discovered that this was the location of a surprise visit by President James Monroe. "...and the militia were here to greet him, they fired off their weapons as a salute to the president."

Ghosts or no ghosts, these tours are something everyone can experience and enjoy. There's nothing cheesy, no actors posed to jump out at you, every story is backed by research.

There are three walking tours available:

  • Old Town Historic District
  • Twickenham Historic District
  • Haunted Downtown

For more information on ticketing and times, please visit The Huntsville Ghost Walk website.

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