HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Nashville Soccer Club has unveiled its new Major League Soccer NEXT Pro Team will be called the Huntsville City Football Club.

The team, which is called Huntsville City FC for short, also unveiled its crest and colors Wednesday night at an event at the Mars Music Hall. The team’s executives also showed off the team’ logo which is inspired by the city’s official seal and longstanding space industry.

“We are really excited to finally share our team’s identity with the City of Huntsville and the world,” Majority Owner John Ingram said. “The energy and partnership we have experienced in Huntsville is remarkable and we couldn’t imagine a better place for Huntsville City FC to be.”

The club said that Ingram and the rest of his team worked through a months-long process for branding Huntsville City FC by engaging with the community to create a brand centered on the city.

The team said the round shape of the logo is meant to mimic both the seal and the shape of rocket boosters while the shooting star represents the idea of orbiting space and the city’s history with the space industry.

The logos checkerboard design is meant to pay homage to the same pattern on Saturn I rockets, which is part of a series of rockets developed in Huntsville.

The team’s primary and secondary colors will be blue and white, respectively, while gold and skyline blue will both serve as accent colors.

The team said Mayor Tommy Battle Jr. has already become the first person to buy season tickets.

“This is a banner day for Huntsville as we welcome the new Huntsville City FC brand into our community,” Battle said. “The Huntsville market is well known for supporting its sports teams, and we’re excited for this opportunity to diversify our offerings and add professional soccer to our portfolio. I’ll be the first to purchase season tickets and can’t wait to experience the matches in Joe Davis Stadium.”