HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Huntsville Fire & Rescue (HFR) is hiring its next firefighters. Applications opened today. To apply, you need to be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and have no felony convictions.

News 19 spoke with HFR’s recruiter, Cory Green. He said they are hoping to hire 15 to 20 firefighters this round.

He said the training is paid, and the average starting salary is around $43,000 a year. Green said the training process lasts six months.

He said ideal recruits will “be brave, willing and do character, be team oriented and be driven.”

If you make it past the initial application process, you need to complete a written exam, and pass a physical fitness test. Green said the test is physically demanding, but can be easily done if you train for it.

“Get out, get moving, and you have plenty of time before we actually have the physical test,” Green said. “It consists of the Stairmaster, a mannequin pool, equipment carry, it’s kind of like a full body workout.”

Huntsville Fire & Rescue Chief, Mac McFarlen said the department needs to keep up with the growth in Huntsville, and a shift in the labor industry.

“We’re competing in the workplace with other industries,” McFarlen said. “You know, that’s a little bit of a challenge, but it’s a good challenge to have in this area.”

Green said working with HFR has been extremely rewarding. He said, “the brotherhood, the sisterhood that we have here is amazing, and I love being a part of it.

In addition to hiring new recruits, Huntsville Fire & Rescue invited News 19’s Emily Moessner to try on the turnout gear, ride in the fire truck, and try out the firehose. Be sure to watch the video at the top of this article to see how she did!

Huntsville Fire & Rescue applications will be open until June 30th. If you have additional questions about the job or the application process, contact HFR recruiter Cory Green by email at