Huntsville fire department says weekend fires intentionally set

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville’s Fire Marshal is looking into three suspicious fires that happened on the same street.

The fires happened place at 1412 and 1418 Cavalry Street. Someone set fire to two homes and a shed behind one of the homes burned in separate incidents, fire department spokesman Capt. Frank McKenzie said.

A busy weekend for Huntsville firefighters began with a call to a burning shed.

“They got that fire out pretty quickly,” McKenzie said.

A few hours later, firefighters were called back out to the same street when the home next door was burning. One night later, the house at 1412 was on fire, and McKenzie said, that’s no coincidence.

“One of the homes didn’t have any power on the house either,” McKenzie said.

The power to the house was shut off over a month ago by city inspectors. McKenzie said the home had caught fire before. They believe all three were intentionally set, but they’re not yet calling it arson.

“Our ruling is incendiary. As far as going to arson, that’s more the technical term of someone setting fire to a building for a reason,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie said so far, they don’t have any witnesses who can tell them who set the fires. Neighbors who talked to WHNT News 19 say the man who was living in this house was in the hospital when the fire happened, so they called his granddaughter.

“We know that they were started and the general location of where they were started in the homes also,” McKenzie said.

Mckenzie said firefighters have talked with the owners of both homes, but so far, they’re unsure why the fires were set.

Anyone with information about the fires is asked to call the Huntsville Fire Marshal’s Office at 256-427-5150.

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