Huntsville Fire and Rescue uses new technology to improve communication on fire scenes

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – New technology is being used by Huntsville Fire and Rescue to improve communication in emergency situations.

Captain Frank McKenzie said the new radio provides clearer and more efficient communication.

“This is called an RDI,” said Captain McKenzie. “It’s a radio direct interface. It’s bluetooth, so it’s bluetooth to a particular radio that’s on the truck.”

Before the new radio voice amplifier, the radio communication was very muffled and hard to make out specific words.

Although, now, it’s much more crisp between firefighter radio.

Before, firefighters would have to pull the radio over to their mouth, in front of the mask, where the air tank was connected…causing interference.

“With these they are directly into the mask so that when we actually talk on the radio from the bluetooth, from this to the radio, it’s a lot clearer,” said Captain McKenzie.

The devices allow all crews on a fire scene to know what’s going on, solving what Captain McKenzie said has been a problem in the past–lack of communication.

Every position in the fire department is now equipped with the device and that’s more than 300 RDI’s.