Huntsville Fire and Rescue conducts terrorist drill

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The National Guard Civil Support Team partners with Huntsville Fire and Rescue for a CST drill every two years. The drills help the unit prepare for terrorist events.

They practiced entry into a hazardous area and took steps that would be necessary.

Captain Chris Sutphin says they go over new procedures and new equipment in case something bad were to happen. The captain adds that teaming up with a government agency helps everyone form a cohesive plan.

“Communication is always a key factor,” said Capt. Sutphin. “They have different equipment than we have. We do stuff a little bit different than they do and we just kind of group it together every two years and get a new plan for us and new procedures to better us into the future.”

Capt. Sutphin wanted to make sure the public knew this was just a drill and there was no reason to panic.