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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Friends and family paid their final respects Saturday to local woman Jackie Reed, who cemented a legacy just by attending Huntsville and Madison County public meetings and often running for local government positions herself.

Reed was known at just about every single Huntsville City Council meeting and Madison County Commission meeting to take to the podium during public comments and share her praises and criticisms on local issues.

Huntsville City Council President John Meredith was the last to thank Reed for her comments at a city council meeting, telling News 19 Reed set an irreplaceable example of civic engagement.

“The dedication over decades that she provided this community is unparalleled, and frankly I think will probably be unparalleled throughout the years, at least several generations if not hundreds of years,” Meredith said. “The level of commitment that she gave was beyond reproach.”

Memorial services at Berryhill Funeral Home concluded after two days of receiving friends, family, and visitors.