Huntsville family with no heat in the home is asking for help


(WHNT) — It’s certainly cold outside at night, but just imagine not having any gas for heat and to cook with three toddlers living in the home. 

Lakia Jordan and her family has been living in the apartment for five months with four children in the home. The gas was shut off months ago and with the gripping cold temperatures at night the family is asking for help. 

“We haven’t had heat since we’ve been here. We can’t shower. We can’t cook. We can’t do anything,” says Lakia Jordan, the tenant in the apartment.

Jordan says the gas was had to be shut down due to a leak. They said that the leak can possibly lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, but that was in July before the family moved into the apartment at Nelson Properties on Baker road. The temperature outside at night has dipped into the 30’s.

“We only have 2 little space heaters, and they don’t heat up the whole house,” Jordan told News 19. 

Jordan says the complex needs a lot of work. Neighbors have complained of leaking roofs and trash on the grounds. With the gas shut off, Jordan says she can’t cook for the children.  

News 19 knocked on the door to an apartment in the complex that one of the tenants says is where the landlord often stays, but no answer. Jordan says she also needs an answer about the strong mold odor coming from the empty apartment that’s attached to the one they live in, fearing that her children will eventually get sick from the mold. 

“You can smell the mold coming from the apartment next to ours. And my sister’s room has mold all around the walls,” continued Jordan.

The families say that the landlord has made no repairs to either of the apartments, but they are very worried about the children living in the apartment. 

 “It’s freezing in there and its nasty and filthy out here. And it’s been this way since we’ve been here,” Jordan concluded.

The landlord has not returned repeated calls from tenants about the lack of gas or any other repairs. The gas will not be turned back on until officials hear from the buildings owner.   

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