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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Huntsville home is barely standing following a line of intense storms that hit the area on Friday. The straight-line winds associated with these storms were estimated to be around 80 mph.

Although it was short-lived, it caused a significant amount of damage to one family’s property, taking out two cars and half of their home on Links Avenue. The owner says it was like nothing the family of five ever experienced.

“Whenever the storm came through all I heard was like the fast winds really fast. I ran out of my bedroom and came to my living room to get my kids up and I seen this tree fall. And the next thing I was going back to my kitchen and then another tree fell. And so it was two trees that fell on the house. It was gone in like a minute and the sunshine came out,” recalled Mrs. McKnight to News 19. “I mean the house is gone I haven’t had a shower since.”

The Sanitation Department said they sent crews to cut trees that had fallen into roadways on Friday so their crews could safely make it to communities. They will continue those efforts all week.

“We’re gonna be working through the week,” said City of Huntsville Sanitation Department Manager Keith Robertson. “Then usually what we do is we get towards the weekend and we see how much we have left and then we’ll assess it from there. We’ll bring in crews on Fridays or Saturdays, however, we need to make sure we get it all collected.”