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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville driver says he accidentally ran over an alligator on Zierdt Road Wednesday night.

Kevin Camery says he was driving home from work and spotted something on the road. He says it was raining and dark and by the time he spotted what he thought might be an alligator, it was too late to stop or swerve.

“I hit something. Right before I hit it I knew I was about to hit something but I couldn’t tell, I couldn’t stop myself it was too close,” says Camery.

Camery says he lives nearby and went home first to make sure his car was okay before returning to the area to make sure what he hit was what he thought it was.

“That looked like an alligator that I hit so I had to go back to see what it was and sure enough that’s what it was,” says Camery.

He says he thought it was dead and didn’t know what else to do from there.

“It looked like it was dead. I got out took some pictures because you know how often does that happen. I wanted to get out and drag it off the road but I was kind of too afraid. I grew up up north in the city so this is like new to me,” says Camery.

Lt. Jonathan Bartlett with the Alabama Department of Conservation says alligators aren’t very common in North Alabama, but they do exist.

“The Wheeler Refuge area has quite a population of alligators. They were introduced there in I believe the 70s,” says Bartlett.

Bartlett says he wants people to know what to do if they see one.

“For the most part alligators are not going to cause much of a nuisance of course small pets and things close to water sources where an alligator is at, you need to be aware that there could be a potential for an alligator there,” says Bartlett.

The department of conservation says if you see a wild animal that’s been injured or needs to be removed from a high traffic area, you can contact a district office or even easier… contact your local law enforcement agency and they will get in touch with them.