Huntsville deploys new safety measures to protect business and firefighters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  Business fires can be devastating, destroying livelihoods and leaving people without a source of income.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue is releasing two new safety measures to protect both businesses and firefighters.

“If the business is locked up, closed down, we have a way to get in that business without breaking windows, without breaking doors,” explained Mayor Tommy Battle.

It’s a step in the right direction.

First, fire department connection caps that protect automatic sprinkler systems from vandalism and debris.

“So what happens over time is people will put trash or they’ll hide rocks in there for kids to find, or in some cases, people have hidden drugs in them,” said City of Huntsville Fire Marshal Dan Wilkerson.

The second program, an electric rapid access or E-lock system called a Knox box. The system is a first, not only for the City of Huntsville but the nation.

“It keeps them from having to do a forcible entry which causes and incurs cost to the business owners,” said Cathy Prudhomme, Knox Company Communications Director. “If you have to replace your glass or your door there`s a lot of expense there.”

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