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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Several months after Alabama’s near-total ban on abortion went into effect, a Huntsville city councilmember made an effort to ensure that women who live in Huntsville and those who may move here in the future know there won’t be what she calls a “witch hunt” by law enforcement targeting those who get abortions.

City Councilmember Frances Akridge proposed a resolution at Thursday night’s city council meeting.

The original version of the resolution would have limited how city resources are used related to women’s healthcare and pregnancy outcomes. It also aimed to have law enforcement deprioritize investigating and prosecuting abortions.

Akridge proposed an amendment to the resolution at the meeting, which passed four to one. It simply clarifies that city resources will only be used to enforce Alabama’s abortion law.

The state law says a woman who gets an abortion cannot be prosecuted. Only the provider who performs it can be prosecuted in most cases.

However, in August, former Alabama Democratic Party Chair Rep. Christopher England brought up concerns that a woman could be prosecuted for getting an abortion through Alabama’s accessory laws.