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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Steven Williams’s Christmas decorations are costing him money every day. “The “bylaws,” say you get fined a $50 fine and if you wait 30 days later, you can get a late fee and that’s it. The fine as it reads that she gave me is $50  and each day is an individual account,” Williams explained.

Williams said this means every day he goes without paying the fee to the Homeowners Association he owes $50. Currently, he owes $200. “She can pry that money out of my cold dead hands,” Williams said.

The “she” Williams is referring to is Stepping Stone Condominium’s HOA President and CEO Ethel Lee. He believes she’s only fining him for the decorations because he was trying to run as the new HOA President.

He said he always decorates and this is the first time he has been fined. “This is mild, usually there are a lot more lights in the window and more wreaths,” Williams said.

According to the “bylaws,” it does state quote “A unit owners shall not cause or permit anything to be hung or displayed on the outside of the windows, walls, or doors.”

Williams said that rule only applies to the part of the building that’s not your common area. “Everybody has a right to Christmas and Seasonal decorations. My decorations are not a part of the common area, this is my entry,” Williams said.

WHNT News 19’s Aaron Cantrell tried several times to contact Ethel Lee to get her to break down the “bylaws” and the fees Williams was fined with. He called twice and knocked on doors to speak with Lee.

Williams plans to keep his decorations up and fight the fee. He also plans to sue Ethel Lee for what he calls “harassment.”