MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Huntsville company is expanding its services with the goal of helping pregnant women and new moms.  

Created 2 Care provides transportation to and from non-emergency medical appointments, but this month the company is rolling out a new initiative – Maternity Concierge – and it starts on September 6.

After speaking with local doctor offices, the Founder and CEO of Created 2 Care, Selena Boyd, says she found that there is a great need for the new service. 

“Pregnant women who do not receive care puts them and their babies at risk,” explained Boyd. “They’re not able to see what’s going on, how far along they are, or some people don’t even know that they are pregnant. I think this initiative is key to keep our women safe and keep those babies safe.”

Maternity Concierge will provide expecting mothers with roundtrip transportation for prenatal appointments, hospital tours, and birthing classes.

The company will also provide free roundtrip transportation to the hospital when the mother is ready for delivery, and they will provide transportation for the baby’s first doctor’s appointment and the mother’s 6-week checkup.

Boyd tells News 19 that this service will assist in getting expectant mothers to preventative care before it’s too late.

This is not a free service but Created 2 Care does accept insurance. For more information on all of the services they offer or any questions, you can visit their website here or call (256) 945-3006.