Huntsville community heals after tragedy

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Terry and Anthony Jackson didn't have much, but they always shared with others.

"All their lives that they served in this church, and they were poor as church mice, was to give to others," said Jacqueline Cobb, Administrative Board Chair.

Jacqueline Cobb knew the Jackson brothers well.

"These men who I had gotten to know through the choir, through bible study, through ways I would have never imagined, they became real to me. They weren't just names in the membership book," said Cobb.

It was normal for Cobb and the brothers to assemble food to distribute to the community, but on May 21, 2013, everything changed.

"On the morning they were killed I was coming with a load from the food bank. Terry did not come out when my car drove up so I went in to find them, and I contacted the police and the hospital," Cobb said.

Four years later, 55-year-old Richard Burgin was convicted of killing the Jackson brothers and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

"Finally west Huntsville began to heal," said Cobb. "It is our outreach to the community and our sense of healing that we needed so bad here in west Huntsville."

The community came together and supported the church. Together they created a memorial garden and a little library to offer peace and comfort to anyone who comes by.

"We don't know who passes here all day long and we are hoping that it can be the tipping balance between a good life and a bad life," said Cobb.

It's a place Terry and Anthony would have taken advantage of.

"It was something that both the brothers would have sat here with a sandwich and enjoyed," said Cobb. "That's what we're hoping the neighborhood will do."

It's a place to find rest and a reminder that in order to move forward you have to give back.

For those interested in giving, the church also distributes food bags to students at Morris Elementary School in honor of the Jackson brothers. They are in need of dry and canned food donations.

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