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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — On Monday, volunteers assisted the City of Huntsville’s Community Development Department with renovations to two homes owned by senior citizens in the area.

The volunteers updated the exteriors of the homes, added handicap ramps, and assisted with yard clean-up.

The Deferred Maintenance Rehabilitation program is a service provided by the City of Huntsville’s Community Development for seniors or disabled members of the community whose homes may have exterior issues.

The city runs the program, but it’s powered by volunteers. Those volunteers donate their time and resources as part of the city’s block grant homeowner assistance program.

“We were able to recruit probably at least 15 to 20 volunteers today to come out and assist in this giving time,” said Scott Erwin, Community Development’s manager.

Erwin says the two homes being worked on Monday morning were from the 1940s and 1950s and belonged to two very deserving members of the city.

“We had tow great candidates here that are really super citizens and individuals, so we’re glad to be able to use the volunteer resources to assist them today,” Erwin continued.

James Edward Jamar was one of the lucky two receiving upgrades to his home.

Jamar got a visit from Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and said he must have done something right to be getting these renovations.

“I built this house,” Jamar told News 19. “I helped build it in 1955 and I lived here, moved somewhere else, and came back two or three times.”

Both Erwin and Battle say it’s a win for the city, not to mention a way to show appreciation and give back to longtime residents.

“Our job right now is ‘let’s stabilize this home, let’s make it a little bit better,’ but let’s also make it great for years to come,” Battle said. “It’ll be an asset to the City of Huntsville for years and years to come.”

Battle says it’s not only giving the homeowners something beautiful to look at when they come home, but making sure they’re safe and the home is livable.