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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — PESG is supposed to staff different positions for Huntsville City Schools like cafeteria workers and custodial staff, but there are several vacancies and it’s causing disruptions in school.

Huntsville City Schools Deputy Superintendent Bob Hagood said last school year they had issues with keeping positions filled with their staffing company, but they have never had pay issues.

Huntsville City Schools has already expressed concerns about the company not filling vacant positions, and what they’re offering in pay.

“We are expecting that PESG follow through the contract that they signed with us. We expect to have those vacancies filled. This has been going on for a while,” Superintendent Christie Finley said.

Hagood said there are currently 56 vacant positions PESG needs to fill. 18 of them fall under the Child and Nutrition program. Several WHNT News 19 viewers have reached out to us expressing concern that some schools do not have enough cafeteria workers.

“We have had some people resign, but they have had issues with payroll. I think that`s been talked about in the community and it`s well known people fill like they haven`t been paid in a timely manner,” Deputy Superintendent Bob Hagood said.

Hagood said they are still meeting with PESG on a regular basis to figure out the problem.

“I think we can work this out. I`m optimistic that we can work with them and get this heading in the right direction, but we do need that corrective action plan because that`s what the superintendent and board expects,” Haggod said.

WHNT News 19 reached out to PESG about the vacancies. The staffing company never responded back.