Huntsville City Schools prepares for students to return to athletics


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville City Schools is preparing for students to return to campus for athletic practices and extracurricular activity meetings.

Beginning June 8, coaches and staff will be welcoming students back for practices and meetings, the district said Wednesday.

Coaches and staff have been going through training to ensure students stay healthy, school officials said. In a letter to parents, the district said those staff members would let parents know about specific times for practices and meetings, as well as drop off and parking points on campus.

Students will have to bring their own face covering, preferably a cloth mask. They will also need their own water bottle or drink container that will be refilled by staff.

Students also should bring their emergency medication, such as inhalers, and the parent form required for each medication.

Lockers and locker rooms will be off limits. Students will take their equipment home with them and be required to keep their equipment maintained and cleaned, the district said.

According to the letter, students’ ability to participate in athletics or extracurricular activities will not be affected by declining to participate in summer activities.

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