Huntsville City Schools interviews CSFO candidates

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Last August, Huntsville City Schools was in the midst of what they called a financial crisis.

The school system learned that due to an accounting error, $5.5 million had to be pulled from the current year’s budget to go into the previous year’s. The district is required to keep a month’s worth of operating budget in reserve, which is about $18 million.

The district’s chief finance officer left the school system not long after.

The school board interviewed five candidates Monday. Some of them said the mistake could have been avoided.

“You have to be involved,” said candidate Tina Hancock. “The CFSO has to be involved and look at those daily transitions. Even though you may not be the one actually doing them, but you do need to sign off.”

See the full list of candidates here.

Candidates were questioned about their proficiency in financial technology and their opinions on assigned responsibility, including how they’d react to the board not agreeing with one of their financial decisions.

The new CFSO will be voted on and announced at a board meeting Tuesday night.

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