Huntsville City Schools interviewing five candidates for financial officer position Tuesday morning


Huntsville City Schools will spend $9 million on capital projects in 2020.

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Tuesday, Huntsville City Schools will be one step closer to choosing a chief school financial officer. They will interview five candidates to determine who is best suited for the job.

Starting Tuesday morning at the Annie Merts center, the Huntsville Board of Education will conduct those five interviews to determine who’s best suited to be the new CSFO.

The position has been up for grabs since October when Tina Hancock submitted her resignation.

Hancock was tasked with fixing the budget from the previous CSFO where an error caused a 5-million -dollar accounting shortfall.

The superintendent said Hancock fixed the budget quickly.

James Brumley is now serving as the interim chief financial officer.

Interviews will start at around 8:30 a.m.

The five candidates interviewing include:

  • Robert Terry
  • James Brumley
  • Teresa Hill
  • Brian Stewart
  • Byron Jones

If you’re interested in watching the interviews, they will be played from 2-5 p.m. on ETV and the Huntsville City Schools website.

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