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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The public is invited to celebrate the class of 2020 seniors with a city-wide parade. The parade is Saturday, May 30th, at 5:00 p.m.

The community is asked to show support by making posters, wearing school shirts, painting your face with school colors, and waving at the seniors.

According to organizers, seniors from all six Huntsville City Schools will be participating. And the invitation extended to all graduating seniors at ANY local school, including college.

Seniors will be decorating their vehicles and traveling around Huntsville. Each of the six schools has its own starting point but the route is the same for all six, according to organizers.

This parade is weather permitting.

Schools and Routes –

Columbia High
Meeting place: Holiday Foods (There is a restaurant that has shut down at one end of the parking lot. Go there first.), Walmart Neighborhood Market Jordan Ln, Westlawn Middle
From WM, go toward the Botanical Gardens.

Meeting place: The old Kroger parking lot behind Hardee’s (Drake and Leeman Ferry)
Left onto Bob Wallace

Huntsville High
Meeting place: Whole Foods Market or Bryant Dental. Bryant Dental will be closed. They are across the street from Whole Foods.
Turn right from Whole Foods or left from Bryant Dental parking lot onto Bob Wallace.

Meeting place: Save A Lot
Left onto Sparkman

Lee and New Century
Meeting place: Sparkman Walmart
Go to the traffic light between Murphy USA and Cook Out and take a left onto Sparkman.


At 5 pm, begin your route by turning left (HH turn right) to enter the circle marked on the map. Click on the link under the name of your school to see the route from your starting point or near your starting point. Please find time before the parade to view the route. Ignore any stops along the route. They are there so I could create the circle.

Please do not show up at a meeting place before 4:45pm if they are open. We do not want to interfere with business. Try to park away from the building so customers can have the spots closer to the building. If space is limited, look for a parking lot nearby.

We are not there to “gather” and socialize. Please take pictures and videos of each other from a safe distance. Pictures and videos can be shared for all to see on this page: