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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – School systems are doing their best to finish strong. Now that Huntsville’s blended learning program is in motion, city leaders say it’s been a swing in the right direction.

Huntsville city school leaders say e-learning has been a collaborative effort.

It started with equipping buses with wifi in much needed neighborhoods, and extending wifi connections at every school in the district. More than 23-thousand students are able to learn virtually, but that doesn’t make the learning process any easier.

“The biggest challenge we’re facing is not being able to see our students face to face,” said Huntsville City Schools Spokesperson Craig Williams. “We miss our students. We care about our students. We want to do everything we can as a school district to put every single student in a position to be successful.”

Social distancing has kept students out of physical school buildings. The hope is that teachers and students will eventually return to the classroom. Educators say that’s the ideal learning environment.